T&M Protection Resources Project Assistant Job Opportunity

T&M Protection Resources

Project Assistant

*Degree Requirements: Associates,Bachelors

T&M PROTECTION RESOURCES, LLC (“T&M”) is an established, fast growing New York City based provider of global security, business intelligence, investigative, cybersecurity and related risk management services to leading corporations, organizations and private clients including Fortune 500 companies, prestigious financial and academic institutions, major sports leagues and franchises and celebrities and high net-worth individuals. T&M’s Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations (“SMCI”) division provides consulting, training and investigations of sexual misconduct issues and allegations. The division helps schools and businesses improve safety and reduce the incidence of sexual misconduct on campus and in the workplace. Throughout their careers, the SMCI team has investigated and supervised thousands of cases involving sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, internet predators, unlawful surveillance and child pornography.
T&M’s SMCI division:
• Analyzes existing training programs, policies and procedures and provides recommendations for improvement with the goal of achieving not just compliance with the law, but a “gold standard” of diligence;
• Develops and enhances training, education and prevention programs that are customized, as appropriate, for management, administrators, faculty, students, parents, children, camp staff, others who supervise children, athletic organizations, first responders, clergy, health, human resource and security professionals;
• Evaluates past responses to incidents or claims of sexual misconduct and provides recommendations for improved handling of responses in the future;
• Engages in sensitive and skilled investigations of sexual misconduct claims, including interviews, gathering of evidence and preparation for adjudication;
• Provides expert advice to personnel and their attorneys who are handling cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, particularly in the areas of potential criminal behavior that may have occurred and the workings of the criminal justice process;
• Offers specific and integrated steps to enhance reporting and response, improve safety, reduce financial liabilities, avoid scandal and rebuild trust with institutional stakeholders and with the public; and
• Serves as an outside monitor to ensure an organization’s on-going compliance with its own protocols and procedures and efforts to reduce sexual misconduct.

The SMCI division is currently seeking a Project Assistant who will play a key role in administering T&M’s new NetSuite enterprise platform for marketing, operational and financial needs.

Position duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
– NetSuite CRM support – entering and tracking contacts, prospects, clients and opportunities
– Drafting proposals, presentations and client reports
– Tracking projects and tasks and scheduling assignments
– Coordinating opportunities and projects with other divisions
– Providing administrative support to division management and staff (handling phone calls and correspondence, coordinating meetings and travel arrangements)
– Other administrative duties as directed by management

*Qualifications/Skills*: MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS
– Excellent organizational skills
– 4 year college degree
– Strong verbal and written communication skills
– Professional demeanor and appearance
– Strong initiative and work ethic
– Keen attention to detail
– Exceptional knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office, to include Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Note: Applicants must possess a strong computer skill set which is required to work with our customer relationship management system (NetSuite).

The starting salary for this position is $40K per year – commensurate with the applicant’s experience, education and overall skills and abilities. In addition to a competitive wage, attractive benefits include a 401k plan; medical, dental, vision and life insurance; paid time off and the opportunity to join a team of outstanding industry experts and professionals.

Resumes with cover letters are required and may be sent to: applicants@tmprotection.com
T&M is located in midtown Manhattan. To learn more about us, please visit our website at http://www.tmprotection.com

*Application Deadline (if applicable)*: 19 June 2015

*Salary/Compensation*: $40,000/year

*Organization Description (optional)*: For over three decades, T&M Protection Resources has been providing a growing portfolio of seamlessly integrated security, intelligence and investigative solutions to leading corporations, organizations and private clients. In a world of rapidly changing and ever-present threats to the safety and security of people, property and reputations, T&M is your partner in creating customized solutions that meet your goals for protection at the workplace, in the home and on the road. Leading corporations, businesses and financial institutions entrust the safety and security of thousands of people and billions of dollars in assets to T&M. Beyond the efficiency and effectiveness of the professional
capabilities we deploy, clients turn to T&M because of the unique personal involvement and commitment we bring to each relationship. T&M’s entire organization – including industry-recognized subject matter experts, investigative and research specialists, global intelligence advisors, security consultants and operations managers – consists of highly experienced career professionals that are former prosecutors, lawyers, previous members of federal, state and local law enforcement and private sector security experts, and they provide you with proven security solutions consistent with the industry’s best practices.
T&M focuses on the security needs of clients in corporate and private settings, as well as during domestic and international travel. Whether on short-term consultation or a long-term protection assignment, our professional and discreet approach enables us to build lasting relationships that meet our clients’ goals for quality service. An extensive global network of security partners, strengthened by the acquisition of several leading security companies in Israel, extends our reach throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Services include:

  • Business Intelligence & Analysis
  • Private Investigations
  • Executive Protection
  • Celebrity Protection & Logistics
  • Security Consulting Services
  • Health Care Fraud & Abuse
  • Data Forensics
  • Information Security
  • Transaction Monitoring Consulting
  • Compliance Technology Consulting
  • Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations
  • Special Programs & Services

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